flower-garden-design-ideas-inspiration-decoration-on-home-gallery-design-ideasA perfect garden at the front or at back of a house always add stars to the  beauty of the house. One can use different kind of plants, trees, herbs, shrubs, along with the decorative materials like stones, tiles, statues, cemeteries etc to get the desired lawn setup. Some of the very interesting tips and ideas for your dream lawn are shared below.

The basic thing that works on every lawn design is the selection of the similar type of plants.  Placing similar plants in different geometrical shapes is very basic, easy but attractive idea. For example:  the boundary of your rectangle garden can be covered by trees on its all corners, the mid section can be a big circle of flowers of same sizes etc. Like every time i need gardening tips or help i always contact because those are the best off all in New Braunfels area.

  • Another way to get the best of your little plant kingdom is mixing and matching plants of bold colors. Flowers can play bigger part in this form of landscaping. Like purple or pink  flowers plants can be all covered by yellow or orange flowers  plants with green leaves all around, giving your lawn a vibrant look.

  • Adding hedges in continuation or leaving gaps in between can also help in generating separations among plants or creating outer boundaries. These also generates amazing views of the garden.
  • Lawn grass which plays a crucial part, can be grown in the whole lawn area or can be modified by leaving gaps for the tiles or stones working  as  walking paths or space for putting the sitting arrangements.

  • Patios, spaces for barbeques, fountains, central statues, sitting bench and other cemeteries can always  be added in accordance to the available space. These things make the garden looks great and a useful and loving place for its user.

  • One should try growing multipurpose plants in their garden, for eg the apple tree grown at the corners also act as the privacy protector from the neighbours and also bears fruits and look stunning in a garden.

•  Landscaping is fun but it should always be done with proper thinking and planning, considering all the factors like available space in the garden, type of soil, weather, etc.