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471993.image0Lawn fertilizers contain three primary nutrients that are labeled in this sequence on the packaging: As par my friend at Liberty Lawn New Braunfels nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK). Fertilizers for flowers, trees, shrubs, edibles and more have different compositions, so always use the fertilizer specifically designed for grass for best results.

The NPK listed on a bag of fertilizer indicates the percentage by weight of each of these three major nutrients.  For example, a common type of all-purpose fertilizer is referred to as 10-10-10. That means the bag contains 10 percent nitrogen, 10 percent phosphorous and 10 percent potassium. The remaining ingredients contain other nutrients and fillers.

NPK fertilizer

Nitrogen (N) promotes rapid growth and lush green color.

Phosphorous (P) helps develop healthy root systems. Starter lawn fertilizers have a high phosphorous count for this reason, while fertilizers for established lawns have a relatively low amount.

Potassium (K) boosts the overall health of your grass and helps with disease resistance, drought protection, and cold tolerance.

Tip: Remember these numbers by keeping “Up, Down and All-Around” in mind when reading fertilizer labels. The first number promotes “up” (rapid growth,) the second promotes “down” (root development), and the third number promotes “all-around” (overall grass health.

When & How Often to Fertilize

The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the fall while grass is growing and storing nutrients. Your lawn fertilizing schedule will depend on what type of grass you have and the type of fertilizer you’re using.

Tip: Before you fertilize, check your local weather forecast. Plan to fertilize just before a day of light, steady rain. You’ll save water and your grass will be well-fed.

Early fall provides cooler weather with warm soil and ample rain, creating the perfect environment for grass to develop strong roots and grass seeds to germinate.

Use quick-release weed and feed fertilizer to eliminate unsightly weeds without harming your grass. Avoid using weed and feed if you plan to reseed your lawn in the same season.  As a general rule, you can apply weed and feed in the spring and overseed in the fall and be safe.

Summer is hard on lawns because of heat, drought, insects and increased foot traffic. Feeding your lawn with slow-release fertilizer at the start of summer will help keep your grass healthy and green throughout the season. This is not necessary for cool-season grasses.


Irrigation Pivot

You may be mixed up on whether to do it yourself or hire a professional lawn care company for lawn maintenance. If you are comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches, we have some tips that will be of help to you in the process. Here are benefits of hiring a professional lawn care service.

Expert services helps you save time

Lawn care needs much time and commitment. It takes a lot of time to explore and plan on how you will maintain your lawn. After the research, you will now need to dedicate more time to do the physical work. Hiring a professional lawn care service will help you save all that time. While the expert you hire will be maintaining your lawn, you will be using that time to relax or engage in some other tasks.

Expert services are cost effective

Besides saving you time, hiring expert services will help you save money. It needs resources for you to keep your lawn healthy and attractive since there are many tasks involved. Some of these tasks may include weeding, fertilizing, seeding, aerating, and more. It is costly to purchase the tools, products and equipment needed for lawn maintenance. Hiring a professional lawn care service will help you avoid such expenses since it is relatively cheaper. You can be able to use the extra money to do something else of importance.

Lawn care services have expertise.

Lawn care and maintenance needs more knowledge beyond peoples’ expectations. People struggle to achieve and maintain a healthy lawn even after reading lots of lawn care articles. This is why it is recommended to hire professionals. Lawn care professionals not only have knowledge and expertise, but also experience in lawn care services. They will help you achieve the lush you’ve always desired.

Expert services detect and stop problems before they start.

Lawn care professionals have the skills to detect a problem before its start by looking for signs of weeds, diseases, improper maintenance and pests.  You may not be able to notice such signs on your own. By stopping such problems prior to damages, they will help you save time and money. Moreover, you will be saved from the torment of your healthy lawn being damaged.

A professionally cut lawn improves your home’s value.

The appearance of the yard has a big impression to any homebuyer wishing to buy your home. Alongside increasing the selling price of your home, having a beautiful lawn will also help sell your home quickly. You should therefore consider hiring a professional service if you intent to sell your home in the near future.

How to Top Dress a Lawn

Topdressing-with-RolawnEvery person want to have lawn that looks best and has healthy grass. Top dressing is the process that helps you achieve these benefits. It usually involves applying several other additional materials such as loam, peat, and sand to the surface of the lawn.

The mix of these materials should always be made in such a way that it closely matches the composition of the soil in the garden. Note that these new mix of materials becomes part of the root zone and enhances the growth of grass.

Benefits of Top Dressing

First, top dressing benefits the health of the grass in the lawn. Once your grass is healthy, the lawn gets a better look. The lumps and bumps in a lawn tend to make it uneven. It is therefore important to top dress your lawn in order to maintain a true and level surface. Top dressing allows you to fill in any hollow and uneven areas thus achieving a smooth surface.

If your lawn has developed thatch layers, top dressing can help in diluting them as well as preventing the layers from building up.

Top dressing also helps in improving the drainage of lawns suffering from water logging. In this case, you’ll need to apply a sand based top dress after an aeration process. Alternatively, if the problem happens during the drought season, apply a peat top dress instead of sand.

Top dressing allows for the introduction of certain nutrients which can improve the fertility of the lawn. This in turn encourages the growth of fresh healthy grass shoots and improves the soil structure.

How should you top dress your lawn?

  • First, clear and aerate the turf before preparing your top dress. As already mentioned, the top dress can be made of a mix of materials with respect to the existing composition of the soil as well as the health of the grass. The mix of materials that is often used includes sand, topsoil, peat, or loam.
  • Do not use sand that contains lime. The ingredients of the mix should be sifted and dry.
  • It is recommended to top dress your lawn when your grass has just been cut recently. This makes it possible for the penetration of the dressing into the existing soil without necessarily affecting or damaging the grass. After you’ve cut the grass, ensure you rake and loosen the bare patches in the lawn.
  • Once you are okay with the ratio and constituency of the ingredients, you can apply the top dressing to your turf. Consider working within a distance of a few feet to make sure the mixture spreads evenly across the entire surface. A heavy garden rake will serve you better.
  • After applying the top dressing, water your lawn and if required replenish the bare areas by applying seeds.
  • Let the top dressing settle for a couple of days before smoothening the surface using a rake.


flower-garden-design-ideas-inspiration-decoration-on-home-gallery-design-ideasA perfect garden at the front or at back of a house always add stars to the  beauty of the house. One can use different kind of plants, trees, herbs, shrubs, along with the decorative materials like stones, tiles, statues, cemeteries etc to get the desired lawn setup. Some of the very interesting tips and ideas for your dream lawn are shared below.

The basic thing that works on every lawn design is the selection of the similar type of plants.  Placing similar plants in different geometrical shapes is very basic, easy but attractive idea. For example:  the boundary of your rectangle garden can be covered by trees on its all corners, the mid section can be a big circle of flowers of same sizes etc. Like every time i need gardening tips or help i always contact because those are the best off all in New Braunfels area.

  • Another way to get the best of your little plant kingdom is mixing and matching plants of bold colors. Flowers can play bigger part in this form of landscaping. Like purple or pink  flowers plants can be all covered by yellow or orange flowers  plants with green leaves all around, giving your lawn a vibrant look.

  • Adding hedges in continuation or leaving gaps in between can also help in generating separations among plants or creating outer boundaries. These also generates amazing views of the garden.
  • Lawn grass which plays a crucial part, can be grown in the whole lawn area or can be modified by leaving gaps for the tiles or stones working  as  walking paths or space for putting the sitting arrangements.

  • Patios, spaces for barbeques, fountains, central statues, sitting bench and other cemeteries can always  be added in accordance to the available space. These things make the garden looks great and a useful and loving place for its user.

  • One should try growing multipurpose plants in their garden, for eg the apple tree grown at the corners also act as the privacy protector from the neighbours and also bears fruits and look stunning in a garden.

•  Landscaping is fun but it should always be done with proper thinking and planning, considering all the factors like available space in the garden, type of soil, weather, etc.

Do you really need to hire a company to make the lawn ready?

lawn-care-marketingIf one asks what is the most important location inside the house the answer would rotate around the garden and lawns. Gardens are places where homeowners and family members can sit play, take a cup of tea, and many other engagements and activities can be achieved through the lawns and gardens.

Just imagine how wonderful is having the evening or a morning cup of tea with your friends and family. But, often the fun gets defective and spoiled when there are some patchy green grounds with unhealthy or dead plants as this makes the surroundings uncomfortable and painful to dwell with.

Family members don’t prefer having fun in such area and consider outing to have some fun in the fresh air. Bad conditioned garden or lawns are caused by various factors including inferior soil quality, the entrance of unwanted exotic shrubs, improper or ahead of time watering, and poor seed case.

How one can get rid of such issues and troubles in order to get the garden and lawns in perfect condition? Well, nothing is required except watering the plants timely and time to time staking.

There are various companies to hire which provide their services at your door steps. All you need is to contact through email or phone and discuss the matter in terms of watering, planting, mowing unwanted grass, or any other task you want it done by the time you need the garden ready for winters or any particular season. Hiring such groups will make the job easier than if you perform yourself.  

Why is lawn and garden caring vital?

lawnspike-377206The exterior of your home is the only space that matters in terms of pleasing guests, visitors, and friends want to see you celebrating a party at your home. So, it’s undeniable to avoid maintenance of exterior including lawns and garden.

The house should be clean and attractive all the times by hiring proper lawn services that contain enough experience in garden maintenance and lawn care. Visitors would feel happy and enjoy if the exterior of your home and garden is clean and attractive since it’s the first thing shown the first time they arrive.

If you don’t care for your garden and the flower beds it may take no time in converting messy green ground. Besides, overgrown grass will spoil the look of your fancy home if it’s not removed and mowed regularly.

That’s why I emphasize on giving actual shape to sculptures and plants since this is the reality you can get your garden functioning and look good. Proper look after and removing unnecessary grass are the tactics one shouldn’t ignore and avoid.

Perfect outdoor space isn’t feasible without consulting and getting advice from garden landscaping expert. So, it’s important to hire or at least consult the person or company with enough experience in this regard.

Adding value to your property needs various factors to consider but the most vital and necessary aspect is how your home looks and how much the garden and lawn is clean and attractive.