What’s new to see in Alexandria, Egypt?

2227796_16_zHave you ever visited Alexandria, a beautiful city of Egypt? Tourists and Egyptians know there is a magic in this city which attracts people across the world to visit the place. Locals prefer to spend their vacations in summer on exploring the city while some others tend to visit sea coast when the place has its own marvelous ambience.

In this paper, I would prefer to share some monuments and highlight some other things I noticed when travelling to Egypt. In Alexandria, people should explore the locations they hear on the TV set or read in books.

The Library of Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria is considered one of the biggest and largest institutions in the globe. More than 7 million books are hosted in the Library. The age of this library is no more than 15 years, as it was established and opened in 2002. Thousands of travelers, who visit Egypt each year, must visit this library in order to get information about this country, city, and their culture.

Actually, the library of Alexandria is its new and modern name. Earlier it was named simple and was created in the 3rd century. The library doesn’t host only books, but also, there are many other things to visit such as museums for antiquities, ancient manuscripts, the history of science, and much more. Egypt’s former president Anwar Al-Sadat has been honored through a museum established dedicated to him. Visitors are highly recommended to visit this library and museum.

The Catacombs of Kom EI Shoqfa

The existence of necropolis isn’t something wonderful in Egypt as it’s a Muslim country where all Muslims are buried. But something looks unnatural when it comes to Greco-Roman necropolis in Egypt. It’s the largest and most mysterious cemetery and well-known place around the world.

This place was discovered first by coincidence in early 1900. There are hundreds of tombs placed and featured by various interesting handwritings and designs. The combination of the art from Egypt and Rome is perfect to see for the tourists. The secret of the site known as an ancient burial place should be included in your lists especially if you’re coming here for the first time.

The Mosque of Abu EI Abbas EI Mursi

Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting this mosque, constructed in late 1775. Many things to see here, but the most important factor is the grave of imam Abu EI Abbas EI Mursi.  


peace_of_mind_pageGoing for a vacation or visiting some relatives or friend or making a business trip, travelling comes with its own challenges. And if the traveller is well prepared for everything that can go wrong, travelling becomes a pleasant rather than a painful experience.

Travelling insurance is one such preparation! You might have heard people saying that this is a mere waste of money as you rarely lose your luggage or get severely sick while travelling. They also manipulate it saying that the medicals bills for small illnesses are lot more cheaper in the south eastern countries.  But my question is what if you did lose it or get severely injured or sick while on your trip overseas?

What is a travel Insurance?
It is an insurance that covers you on your travel. This generally includes your luggage if lost, emergency cancellation of flight tickets, hotel reservations, overbooked accommodations, your health while on move etc.

Is it necessary?  
This can be explained from an instance. Mr. Harris went to South Africa with his family from Australia. They enjoyed different activities their and their holiday was going good. While on a trek this one time their daughter slipped his foot and fall down on a rock. Luckily she didn’t fell off the mountain but got seven of her leg bones fractured and required a big operation. Thankfully Mr. Harris had travel Insurance and the cost of surgery, medicines and even the cancellation of their return tickets and rebooking of new air tickets and accommodations near the hospital was taken care by the travel Insurer.

Now, in this other example, Charith and his family went to USA from Srilanka without travel insurance. They were having a blast. But all of the sudden her mother suffered a heart attack she needed an emergency evacuation or treatment in the USA to save her life. Charith was in a shock as she was left with no option but to ask for money from friends and family back home as a medical bill per day in the USA can cost around USD 10,000 which is a lot of money if converted in Srilankan currency. A lot more than their total travel cost or the travel insurance.

People usually opt for travel insurance for the least important reason that is the luggage. Yes you can put the cost of your luggage or other stuff to your insurer in case it is lost, it will cover it all. Luggage though can be replaced but heath cannot. It is more important to have travel insurance for medical emergency. However, every insurer is different and have their own terms and offers, it is advisable to read the contract carefully.  

Health is wealth and it’s up to you want to risk it on your vacation time or value it and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.